Decorated with stunning works of nature and natural landscapes, an African safari to Tanzania is awe- inspiring. From massive African wildlife, mountain hiking, idyllic islands, well preserved old towns, unique cultural experiences, an oddly coloured lake, beaches to warm and welcoming locals, essentially everything about Tanzanian tours hits the spot. No matter what your interest is, Tanzanian safaris have something in making it the best African travel destination.  Here are seven things you should know if you are planning a trip to Tanzania

 Catch the best African wildlife in Tanzania

African wildlife is the prime reason why many tourists spend their vacation in Tanzania. From the African big cats, giraffes, avian species, elusive animals to zebras, Tanzania National Parks are packed with plenty of African wildlife roaming freely in the vast plains and savannah.  Tourists can custom-make their safaris across famous Tanzania’s parks including Serengeti, Selous, Ruaha, Manyara, Tarangire and The Ngorongoro Conservation where they can experience up-close encounters with African animals strolling in their natural habitats.

 Learn a bit of a Tanzanian lingo

 Tanzania has the highest number of Swahili speakers in Africa. If you are planning on visiting Tanzania learn a few basic Swahili words. However, you don’t have to worry about your travel itinerary as the Tanzanian tour guides are highly knowledgeable and fluent in English.

Greetings Form an Important Part of Tanzanian Culture

Greetings are highly regarded in Tanzania and considered a sign of respect and care. When travelling around Tanzania, it is always good to say hi or Jambo to the local people. Habari yako?  Translated to mean, hello, how are you? is a Common Tanzanian greeting

 Mount Kilimanjaro is home to Tanzania

Sitting near the Kenyan border lies Mount Kilimanjaro where a hike is a must visit when travelling to Tanzania. At 5895 meters, this dormant Volcano is the tallest in Africa and entails a non-technical hike.  The base of Mount Kilimanjaro is surrounded by the beautiful Kilimanjaro National Park and lush green sceneries. Mount Kilimanjaro trekking tour packages are adventurous and usually takes five to nine days depending on the route taken with the most popular route being The Machame route.

Tanzania is home to the largest Wildebeest Migration

While the Maasai Mara annual wildebeest migration might be more popular on the Kenyan side, it is for the better part of the year circulating in Tanzania’s Serengeti plains.  Although it is more prominent in June to October, the zebras and wildebeests are almost always grazing in the different sections of the expansive Serengeti National Park. In addition, Tanzania’s wildebeest migration is less flocked thus making it an ideal location for watching this phenomenal experience.

Tanzania has one of The World’s Most Bright-red Lake

Ever heard of a bright coloured lake with fluctuating colours?  Tailor-made northern Tanzania safaris will offer you a chance to tour Lake Natron. This shallow lake changes its colour from bright red, orange to pink depending on season and rate of evaporation. At a PH of 7-10 and temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, this unusual lake is an abode to millions of flamingoes and unique algae spices. Interestingly other than the species that are adapted to living in this mineral-rich lake, its highly saline content calcifies any organism that comes into contact with it.

Experience the ultimate honeymoon destination

Dotted with serene and calm beaches, Zanzibar Island boasts of being one the best African beach destinations.  From delicious Zanzibari cuisines to world-class resorts, this exotic island is a notorious paradise for lovers and offers the best romantic getaway and honeymoon packages in Tanzania.