Heading off on an African Safari, there are so many thoughts that might go through one’s mind. Like dying of malaria or getting bitten by a lion. I have one solution and that is to chill and quit overthinking. There is always a balance between the pros and cons of an African Safari, sometimes it might be a case where the cons outweigh the pros. Why you might be asking, well the cons include the chance that the wonder and allure that Africa offers will attract you to such an extent that you will never want to leave. Once you have set off on your journey, the attraction and the way the mind gets hypnotized whilst being in Africa and encountering the notorious wildlife and its surroundings is the ultimate African adventure in itself. You will find yourself wanting to explore more of what this majestic continent has to offer. So obviously, the more exploring you do, the more your pockets will be exploited.

Jokes aside, I remember the first time I set off on my African adventure. Personally, I thought it would be a bore. I told myself that this trip was going to be trying to look out for animals that are too busy hunting for their dinner or too lazy to show themselves. If you have already guessed it, yes I was referring to lions and rhinos. But I was completely wrong. From the time I met a baby baboon at the entrance of the national park until our bumpy ride to the exit gate, I wanted that bumpy car ride to never come to an end. I felt a sense of the inner explorer in me wanting to jump out and search for the next beautiful animal I come across to fascinate me. As for the pros of an African Safari, there an array of safaris to choose from fit for a traveler and their personal preference. From off-road safaris that give you a more personal meeting with the animals to balloon safaris that give you an aerial view of the wildlife at your feet. With lodging, well there is a selection too. Some find it comfortable sleeping in luxurious camps with a lion roaring outside their tent and there are some who enjoy the extravagant lodges that offer you the memorable experience whilst admiring the animals in action from a distance.

So, it is vital that you do your research before you venture out on your trip to make sure that you make your trip worthwhile. Otherwise, you might just need to book yourself on another safari again. Cutting out the comedy, have no fear if you have opted to go on a safari. Sure there will be mosquitoes and wild animals, but the overall feeling of being in Africa is truly an exhilarating and beautiful one. You will experience a sense of calmness, tranquility, serenity and all the other good things you can possibly find in a dictionary.

Remember once in Africa, always in Africa.