Kilimanjaro – the highest dormant free-standing volcano in Africa, renowned for its varying ecological systems. From the rainforest, alpine dessert and cultivated land to an artic summit, this natural wonder is deemed the pride of Africa.
As a prime hiking destination for visitors, the trek to the highest peak, Uhuru Peak, is a journey of five to nine days which is considered fairly straightforward, depending on the route used. One gets the chance to experience the unbelievable sunrise on the summit, with an aerial view of the clouds that cover the Kilimanjaro slopes. Along the way, there are huts with cooking facilities, bathrooms, medical service, electricity and rescue facilities for all trekkers.
The glorious mountain is surrounded by Mount Kilimanjaro National Park– a land filled with lush vegetation and heavy rainfall. Hikes are available from the park where visitors get to see leopards, buffalos, baboons, bush pigs, elephants and a number of other African wildlife along their way.