Welcome to The Great African Safari, where we take you on an adventure of a life-time, filled with memorable experiences through the colossal areas of majestic Africa. Lose yourself to the mesmerizing nature of this beautiful continent, by letting us take the lead on giving you your customized Safari experience, however you want it to be.




Why Choose The Great African Safari

As the Great African Safari, we are aware that any voyage is founded on meticulous planning and forethought. It’s only with our safari experts and trained team that we can provide the most exciting adventure with broad and in-depth understanding of each chosen destination. Not forgetting that all our safari packages are detailed to a t, guaranteeing no stone is left unturned in giving you the best safari experience to fit any specific requirements for your money’s worth..
Wildlife conservation is of great importance to us at The Great African Safari. We greatly emphasize the banning of ivory trade and poaching that has largely affected the Tanzanian wildlife population over the past few years. Our team stand by ensuring that no animal is harmed during your journey with us so that we may maintain Tanzania’s remarkable diversity and continuing it to be one of the natural resource rich nations in Africa.
We employ none other than the local residents from neighboring villages to represent our rangers, as who would know better about the beautiful continent than the inhabitants themselves. For our rangers, language is no barrier of communication. Our rangers are specialized in speaking a range of international lingos, so don’t worry about not being able to understand the African beauty at its best.
We bring reality to your dreams by designing your journey, based on your wants and likes. Discovering and connecting you to the fascination of Africa is our aim at The Great African Safari, and we stand by it to the end of your journey with us.
Behind the scenes, we have a profound passion of providing aid to local schools. From school books, food, medical assistance and other essentials, a certain percentage of our profits are set aside to support these underprivileged students so that they may tailor themselves to achieve their dreams and aspirations from life.
The Great African Safari is a ‘green’ based tour operator, set on practicing eco-friendly habits that assist in the conservation of water and energy resources. We focus greatly on the environmental footprint of each of the camps or lodges our clients will be staying at, whilst ensuring the best game-watching experience.

The Best Safari Itineraries in Africa

As such, an African safari ranks highly on the bucket list of many travellers. There are countless operators to choose from, and itineraries are notoriously pricey. Before forking out thousands of dollars for your trip of a lifetime, it’s essential to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Here are some of the best itineraries to consider.

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